Identify Your Genre

I have always read romances. But then I decided I should experience what I had only read about.  Got involved, lost my sense of who I was and then got back to basics.   While I was doing that I had decided that I wanted to write. And what did I want to write?  Mystery.  Why on earth would I want to write mystery when all I read were romances?  Not the truth. I read everything from non-fiction to textbook and mystery to self help.  So I read a little bit of everything.  But mystery makes your mind think.  You have to figure out what the person is talking about so that you can follow.  And then you can actually figure out who dun it.

Along the way I have had so much help.  People buying me books. Taking classes.  Even some naysayers- why don’t you write romance?  Because I am not a romance writer.  I think you have to feel some things in order to write some things whereas you want to kill someone on paper- very easy to do.  Its not so easy to mock up a romantic story when all you are inclined to do is murder the person.  So I write mysteries.

Now I am going to finish my first mystery soon. I am hoping that my writers block ended.   I am stuck at the actual scene of the murder during the investigation. But I have some reading to help out such as Rizzoli and Isles and  the Irish chronicles as I call them.  They all help. And any other mystery writer I can actually get my hands on to read right now.  All to help in my writing the best damn cozy you have ever read by a newbie.

So heres hoping to a fruitful year and a good partnership. And I am hoping that you guys enjoy my read.


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