To Self Publish or Go to a Publishing House

You see that question- that is the question I have had asked of me recently. She was like why don’t you go to a house to publish it?  Because I haven’t had the interest from publishing houses to publish.  It is mostly by word of mouth. I show people, talk it up in chat rooms, put it on facebook or twitter but no agent has come to me requesting my poetry. I have heard via word of mouth that others would like my poetry and they would publish it but they want to purchase and to own it. I would like to maintain ownership of my poetry but they are more than welcome to help me publish. Now the novel that i have to finish they have showed interest in.  But Dreaming is still in the works. And I put it aside to work on the second novel because I wanted to write a different story.  So there’s the question and why?

Well I have read up on some of the programs and some are no money down to publish except for your copyright and purchase of your ISBN number. And that’s all the money you expend. You can set up a link to your website and have them purchase it either through your website or you can just see it show up on Amazon at and at Barnes and Noble at, and other websites that sell books. And the money will stay with you. If you are lucky then the next time you publish a novel you can charge more than say $.99 for each book and make more money. So I may not make a lot of money but I am hoping to makes some money off of that novel. And the second one which I hope to finish soon after the first novel comes out.

So here’s a question for all of you who read? What is it that you look for in a novel that catches your eye?

My response has always been to look at the title if I am unaware of the author and read the back cover and if it looks good then to purchase it. So hopefully, I am doing what you are doing.

Stay tuned next week for some more information on my journey to publication or not publication. And also hopefully a book review for Hungry.


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