I’m Back!

Hey guys. I am re-opening my webpage.   Hopefully you will see some good things coming out of here.  First some housekeeping. Remember about the comments. Policy still stands.  I will repeat it for you:

Here are some rules for you to follow: Please refrain from any and all sexually explicit comments and/or pictures for this blog. Be advised families and children read this blog. Be advised I will delete any pictures or comments that aren’t in keeping with keeping it clean, keeping it virgin (meaning no sex unless there is a story) and for those who wish to leave a comment please keep it free from sex and use a picture not of a body part and it may not get deleted. Comment upon what is written unless the story included is an erotic story in which case we ask that you reference it in your comment that this may be of an explicit nature if you are quoting from the story. Anything constructive is accepted. If you have a long comment you can send it in a private message if you wish. I do not know the length of comments that is acceptable here. Thank you for following these rules.
Here are some new rules:  If you would like to purchase anything seen on this webpage please send an email with the date and title of the piece.  And I will try to give it to you.  We ask that you use Paypal rather than a personal check but if you have to then a personal check will be acceptable.  Most things for sale on here will be accessible through another website such as B&N or Amazon.

But that will not start right away. As was stated before the poetry novel will be out this year. I am having some difficulty with that but rest assured that I am hoping to have it out soon. If you all read the Over Educated Nympho and her trials with her book we have all had some problems. I am hoping that mine aren’t insurmountable. Hopefully all of what you read here you will like. Hopefully all of what you read heer will make you want to buy the novel. And without further ado:




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