These three articles from Writer Unboxed and Blogher I think will help all new writers out. I was reading them because I am going back to the mystery to finish it within this year. And I am hoping to have a dynamite year this year. What I wanted to say though was written in the above article, “… which means you need to drag yourself to the computer whether you want to or not. I know that sitting down in front of the screen is hard, but I promise you, you’ll feel better once you do it.” If you are like me, then even after sitting in front of the computer nothing appears on the screen on some days. And other days it’s full of writing, some of which makes sense and some of which doesn’t. Then there are the days that I read an article, like it, post about it, and then write some more. But not on my novel. No, on something else. So now, I want to finish my novel and hopefully not be hit with writers block. I have pulled out Rizzoli and Isles to help me with my forensic investigation. I have also pulled out some Crime Scene web pages to help with the investigation in general from beginning to end. And I have also started reading other books that are helpful in just keeping my mind going. So I am hoping that the novel will progress well forward.
But I have a question in regards to what you, another writer, might do in the case of getting stuck with character development: do you go back, re-read and evaluate and then change or do you just scrap the character? As of right now, I am not scrapping any characters but my problem is in adding characters. Which then I find confuses my story line and confuses the reader as it adds additional information that I have found may not be needed. So those characters I will scrap and have scrapped. But see, then my story does not move along. I need continuity, clue following clue and evidence and resolution of the crime with the apprehension of the killer of the victim. So do you think I have a problem? I feel that is my huge problem. I feel that I can’t finish the novel until I get rid of this but I decided I don’t have to get rid of it because I might get a new novel out of it but I must fight through it to write my novel. Does anyone else have this problem? And if you do, how do you resolve this problem? I was told that was why I should have an outline. But to tell you the truth, I find it hard to write with an outline because a lot of what I am writing follows from before and where it goes. So an outline for me is hard to write. I think this might be a bad thing for most pro writers to hear a novice writer say actually. Why I write this to get advice. Just so you know I did start an outline-the key word is start. I am not writing from an outline. So like I said its all from my imagination as it unfolds on the paper. But I want to finish now.
Back story-I was told by another writer that I have too much back story and not enough story. I always thought that what I had was explaining or moving the story along. But she said that there is too much back story and she left me a group of exercises that I want to follow in order to finish my story. So I am planning to re-read my story, then start writing and doing the exercises at the same time or the exercises before the story-depending on what the process dictates. Yes, this is a process. A process I am very happy to finish and finally have a completed mystery novel. And I am hoping that you the reader will read it.
Another problem I have encountered in the writing of this novel is how many words do I actually write? I hadn’t actually picked a number and then I thought 50,000 words would be good. But I am at over 10,000 and the crime has just happened. So I don’t know if 50,000 words will be enough. So I am not going to deal with that question. But when people ask me how many words my novel is going to be, I don’t know how to answer that question. Nor do I want to actually answer that question. I just want to finish the novel, see how many words it is and then go back to cut it down after someone besides me reads it and give pointers. I will know if they put it down, then I need to go back and re-group.
All this from the above article right? Not actually but it gave me a chance to write down my writing experience and ask for some pointers. As I was told, I should just write. And not worry about anything else until it is done. But I am going to do that. As well as ask for pointers. So any comments you guys have I would appreciate it.

Here is another article for you to read on comments on a blog. Who has the ability to keep or throw away a comment is actually what it deals with. I think this is a good read for us all to look at and then decide for ourselves what is good or not good.


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