Media Kit for Shaqana Jackson

Media Kit

The Struggles and battles that we face are real/ most don’t understand you and the things you feel /but through words you can definitely be inspired/ words can make you have a different outlook of life and that’s what I admire/there are times when our problems are more at their highs then the lows/sometimes it seems like when it rain it pours/but life has its moments and there are better days/pay close attention to the game life plays/cause greatness is yet to come sometimes you have to be reminded/when you need encouragement seek and you’ll find it/cause deceit is around in this cruel, cruel world/however underneath the truth there lies a girl

Depression, confusion, and feeling misled is something most Children experience when parents are blinded by the traumatic events that continuously occurs within the home. Sometimes parents don’t realize that being expose to abuse from love ones take an effect on their children throughout their life time. How can a young girl overcome rape when it continues to follow her throughout her life? That’s exactly what happens to Aalisa, Justina, and Colleen who have been friends since little princesses. Each has ambitions to become a great success and the tools one need to get by, however, the secrets that these girls hid from one another continues to haunt them. Will they bury the secrets while striving to make their dreams a reality? Will the secrets reveal itself so the girls could put their guard down to receive the support they need in a small southern town where negativity is at its high and dreams fade away. A book every young person must read and every parent must read to understand.

Betrayal, deceit, and jealousy are a portion of what Aalisa, Justina, and Colleen will face when their past comes for a visit. Sometimes the truth shows its face when we least expect it. Their fairytales quickly fade when secrets unfold. There’s no turning back now girls, now that the cover is removed. It’s time to face the backstabbers, stalker, and a part of you that you never thought you would meet. Aalisa, Colleen, and Justina will have to stand strong when face to face with trouble, or forever hold their peace.
Suggested Media Questions

1. Who is Shaquana N. Jackson

2.Are you diversed with writing?

3. What inspires you to write?

4. What can your readers benefit from your published work?

5.How long does it take to complete a book?

6. What can we expect from Shaquana N Jackson in the near future?

Contact Info
Facebook: Author Shaquana Jackson
Twitter: AuthorShaquanaJ

Hi my name is Shaquana Jackson I’m a 28 year old mother of a beautiful baby girl. My birthday is Feb. 24, 1983. I am a Pisces that’s why I’m so creative! I was born in Lafayette, la and was raised in Abbeville, La. I write novels, poetry, children’s stories, plays, t.v. and movie scripts. I love to model, act, and sing. I have a degree in General Studies with a concentration in Liberal Arts. My heart’s desire is to one day have my own Film Production and to direct my own movies. I’ve been writing since the age of ten. I believe God has called me to be a blessing to others through my writing. I’m an Author of a poetry book “Underneath the Truth There Lies a Girl” which a book of inspirational and motivational readings. My first novel “Remove the Cover and See Whats Beyond” is an inspirational urban book to inspire others to never give up on one’s dreams even though we have stumbling blocks. Also there is a Sequel to “Remove the Cover and See What’s Beyond” known as “Now that the Cover Is Removed” which continues drama but an heartfelt story. I thank you kindly for supporting me, Love Shaquana.


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