A Book Review of Shaquana Jackson’s Poetry Novel

New author Shaquana Jackson is currently pedalling her new poetry novel soon to be available in stores and also online for your viewing pleasure. I have been lucky enough to complete a book review of her poetry.

Buy Link: To Be Provided

Book Review:

I enjoyed the read I was given. It is different from poetry that I have read as it is religious as well as based on everyday situations. However I think that all of you will find it an uplifting read. It talks of telling tales, telling rumours, how to handle the lies and the good that is dealt to you. I am not going to give it away I think you should buy the book.

Here is an excerpt from her novel.
There Are Times

There are going to be times when the world is against you and all fails with the things you are trying to pursue

There are also times when one don’t understand your visions down grading you when they’re supposed to be Christians

And yet you still don’t see why friends are rare and most people rain on your dreams cause they don’t care

There are going to be times when you pray for protection from your enemies’ time and time again and you will slowly see friends disappearing and breaking free from all sin

There are going to be times when you can’t trust anyone after reconstructing the damaged that is done without knowing what else is yet to come

There going to be times when you notice the hate and jealousy flowing from family and friends and you’re alone thinking to yourself how did all this begin

People are put in our life’s to help or teach us a lesson sometimes it stress us and cause us to sometimes miss out on our blessings

However that is hard to do when one paint their own picture and run away with their thoughts leaving it up to their visual not knowing what’s in your heart

There are going to be ups and downs as we go through life finding ourselves and realizing some are not for us because most people only look out for their selves

There’s a time to cry, laugh, and some disappointment in our lifetime whether we like it or not but it’s up to us to never give up and make do with what we got

So therefore to have the times when you’ve done your best in spite of what the world thinks of you look above to the heavens and the Higher Power will continue to see you thru

And that right there should make you push even harder and conquer anything that comes your way every morning you awake and remember anything is possible through God who strengthens you on this bless day

I think if you like this poem you will like the others.


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