Questioning the Use of Traditional Publishers versus Indie, Self Publishers?

Then you may want to read this article. It is written by Misty Evans. The title of the article is: Merging Traditional and Indie Publishing. Here is the link to the article:

Specifically, I like this part:
In my opinion, today’s publishing shell game offers authors the best of both worlds. You decide who will publish your manuscript and how your books will find readers. Many traditionally published authors have gone dark side and indie published. A few indies have gone dark side and sold books to traditional publishers. No matter what your take is on the world of publishing, to me neither side is evil. They both can work for us to broaden the availability of our books and keep our readers happy IF we make well-informed decisions.

She offers many good points as well about the pros and cons of publishing and also about working with editors as well. I think it is an informative article. Please take a good look and read.

Update: I have been accepted into the Dorrance Publishing Program for my novel

    A Book of Poetry

by Yasmine Jameson. However, I haven’t accepted the contract as of yet. I do have to call her about the situation and the money. Otherwise, I do have my account set up for Smashwords and I have actually a work in progress for an epublished novel. So hopefully, one of those three ways, the novel will be out shortly for you the public to purchase and I hope that you do.


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