Digital Book Piracy- How Big of a Problem?

Hey, guys hope all is well. Yes the book is now on sale for you to purchase. Check out this webpage: and buy for $.99. For one week starting tomorrow I will send you a swag gift of my two business cards.

The reason for this article today is about book piracy in the digital age- how appropriate for those who like to read and or sell digital books or in other words ebooks. How much does copyright protect you? How much does the website you are on protect you? Please read this article: to find out. The suggestions are good. I will go over some of them.

A quick recap of the suggestions they have given you word for word from the article:
1. Start a daily Google Alert for your name and for the name of your book.
2. Search the most popular file sharing sites.
3. Send a DMCA take-down notice.
4. Save a list of all the sites where you discovered the pirated copies and keep checking them. Use a mirror filing list to keep the link alive.
5. Send a list of all infringing websites in a list to your publisher.

See this is why I believe it is important for you to have your copyright on file with the correct governmental agency. And you can always file your copyright later after publication if you so choose. Most publishers however will cover your copyright. You don’t have to file copyright if you don’t choose to and pay the fees but if you want any legal backing or support for your claim then the suggestion is to file your copyright. Thus situations like this won’t occur without you being able to back up your claim that you wrote or are the owner of this novel.

I have spoken with other writers two in fact who had the offender’s book removed from the sale list on the websites that they were found on for sale. It took them a while to do so but they prevailed in the end because it wasn’t there novel. This happens more often than people realize. My question to you and to all those who write or who like to read: In the event that you face that situation where the novel maybe pirated= and another is claiming that it is their novel and causing you problems= do you feel that you should give up and start from scratch or do you feel that you should fight? I think that is a good question for us all.

Until the next time something pops up in my head guys, have a good day. And don’t forget to buy the novel. Second one coming up soon hopefully.


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