2013 Harlem Book Fair and Other Events

Although I didn’t attend the fair I did watch on Cspan tv which is book tv for those who don’t know. I watched one panel and then caught the second panel. The panel I watched was on the issue of religion in society and how the writers perceived it. I thought it was interesting. Check it out. Please also check out my new post on the sister blog of Murder on My Mind, which is Teresa’s Simplicity in Words. The post is entitled “Xnote Desktop Application”. The link is http://teribelle.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/xnote-desktop-application/

Please go to Smashwords and for $.99 purchase my first novel. It is under Yasmine Jameson. It is a fun read for your entire family I believe.

Also Happy Ramadan to those who celebrate the month of Ramadan. I have found at Smashwords also a list of novels that deal with eating in the month. Some of them look very delicious. I can’t post them right now but in my next post I will definitely post the link to obtaining the novels. They are free at Smashwords right now. This is why I want to post them because eventually you may have to pay for them.

One last thing: I am also published this month in the Exquisite Fusion Magazine in the Financial Corner. Here is the link: http://issuu.com/monieexquisiteexpresshart/docs/efm_-_july_2013 pg 16 to 17 entitled “Tax Write Offs and Other Information Regarding Taxes for the Freelance Writer” under Yasmine Jameson. So please, look it up online and if you like purchase a copy to read at home.

Thanks for reading my blog and being patient with me. The novel is out there. Always more where that came from so please be on the lookout for more from this corner.

As Always, Yasmine says Thank You! to my fans and readers.


4 thoughts on “2013 Harlem Book Fair and Other Events

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am glad that this blog post gave you and your friends an opportunity to have a conversation about this topic. The more that we are able to do that have a conversation the better our understanding and ability to discuss it becomes. Plus, the people who write also benefit.

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