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A Book of Poetry by Yasmine Jameson
Smashwords Edition
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POETRY READING #2 Such Sarcasm

POETRY READING #3 Destruction


POETRY READING #4 Images in Society























I had someone read my book prior to sending it out to the publisher’s and they didn’t like this poem. Their response was “ehh!”. It actually is a good representation of what this poem represents when all you hear is “Blah, Blah, Blah.”

I write, you read, you speak
I write, you type, you speak
I write, you speak
You speak.

I type, you read, you speak
I type, you copy, you speak
I type, you type, you speak
You speak.

I speak, you speak.
You speak.

You speak.

POETRY READING #2 Such Sarcasm!
Clap your hands. Give a round of applause. It has been one hell of a performance. You are a very good performer. WE should be inspired for higher heights.

Clap your hands. These people, is who we should be trying to give an award too for best performance. But we don’t think it will happen.

Clap your hands. The award is won. You are the greatest there is.

POETRY READING#3 Destruction
Destruction is what happened. It started from being nosy and from being watchful. Destruction is where fear lies. The people fear destruction. Destruction is what happened. The people watched in fascination as the event unfolded. They watch and they wait. As time goes on they relax their guard. Let people in. And then it happens. Destruction is what happened. The people watched in fascination as the event unfolded. Destruction. They were watchful. They were nosy. They watched in horror as it unfolded. Destruction is what happened. The land rejoiced as justice was delivered. The destruction was total. Nothing was left. They wiped it and erased it from the memory. No paper. No evidence. Destruction is what happened. They watched as it ended and quiet began. People started letting their guard down. They started letting people in and then they watched. Justice is what they seek. They watch in fascinated horror. But only he enjoyed it with every fiber of his being. He discussed it openly and embarrassed whenever he can. But in the end, destruction was complete. In the end, rubble was left.

He stole our lives.
He killed us all.
He signed an agreement with is buddies in pin stripe suits.
So now they are done.

It has been destroyed.
They tried to break the agreement but he wouldn’t let them.
Now lives are decimated.

They hope he is happy.

POETRY READING#4 Images in Society
The people were seeing people who looked hungry. These were the same people every day. They were tattered clothing. They were gaunt and woe bone. Their eyes were glazed from hunger.

As people watched they saw a man in the throws of death. His body was twisted in contortions. His eyes rolled back in his head. Spittle coming from his mouth. As he took his last breath, you watched his chest as it rose and shuddered as it fell. The man walked forward with his stethoscope and checked for a pulse. He shook his head. The time of death was announced.

You saw her crying. Day after day. Night after night. Then one day as she stopped crying and started laughing and dancing. Everyone turned against her. She was a fake. A fraud. She was shown to be so by a medical test, a medical exam, and evaluation. She was a fake. When they looked at her, they hated what they saw. They made up a picture and shot at her. She was the one they trained to as they took tests on and used for all intents and purposed as a training tool. In the end, they decided that she was just a person who wasn’t a person.

Then one day a man came along because he wanted to show what the truth was. He bought himself a camera. He bought himself a life. And she repeated everything as if she said it to herself. He put himself in her path. And when he met her, he chatted. After he chatted he went back to his friend. Then they were seen talking and seen eating. After a while he began to shy away and walk away. After a while she began to shy away and walk away. And then they just split into different pieces.

He hated her. He wanted her to “Get the hell out of here.” He spoke of it to other people. He explained that he had no respect for her and that she couldn’t do anything correctly and that she was nothing but a stupid bit**. And then he smiled in her face or a simulation of a smile or what you could say was he treated her nicely. For a while it seemed that he was actually being nice but then it struck. The nastiness. The comments. The looks. And everyone looked at her in disgust. They wanted to know what happened here. And then they remembered. It was her fault. She was not worth his time. She was not worthy of his respect. She was not worthy of their respect. They were to treat her as if she was working but give her nothing to do. They were not to engage her discussions about business. They were to do nothing unusual to tip her off. But he continued to lay his trap. He continued to watch and wait. Then one day he went to his office and, he decided, enough was enough. He called her into his office and he said, “Get the hell out.” Just like that. No other words. No other segue way. Just those four words. And as she left he said, “Oh and by the way, you might want to be careful on your way out. You may just be lynched by a mob.” And he started laughing. An interesting choice of words she thought. But in the moment, she said to herself maybe it was appropriate because he felt she should be lynched.

These are just glimpses into the lives they lead. We can only hope to see more. We hope you enjoyed your journey through the lives of the invisible.

I sit in my room glancing around with tears in my eyes
Why am I here in my room by myself as oppose to being outside living my life
I am angry and sad at the same time
I love, I hate, I bitch, I get happy, I get sad.
When does my time begin for just being content and happy in life?

What if I thought I had found the life I wanted to live and then it just poof! Went up in smoke?
What if I told you that I loved you would you laugh in my face? Would you say you don’t want to hear that? Would you say that you didn’t love me back?

What if I told you that a little girl about five years old saw the most horrible thing in the world for a little girl to see? She saw death staring her in the face. Its eyes blacker than you can imagine; its breath colder than the north pole; its skin pale and pulled tautly across the face staring at her out of the darkness; its mouth moving but no sound coming out. What if the only words she could say after that was: “I’m scared Mommy! Mommy! Where are you?” But Mommy never answered her.

What if the floor you are standing on now is no longer there? What if you began falling into nothingness and didn’t hit rock bottom?

What if you died?

What if?

As you look into the depth of her eyes
You see beyond forever
In her you have found home, a peace, a stillness, a warmth
To her you say all the right and wrong things
To her you always say I love you
But do you mean it?

In me I see all that is lacking
All I have done wrong
All of my mistakes

In you I see a person who has grown beyond their time
A person who has seen and felt the worst life can throw and survive and thrived
In you we see the promise of tomorrow
A repeat of the past
A replica of everything
With an eye towards the new

In the two of you I see a love and a life that most of us dream about
Words can’t describe it, pictures can’t show it
But the two of you are like Heaven.
A bright light, with golden gates, pale blue sky and family welcoming you inside
They hold you; kiss you and say-It’s not your time yet. When it is, you will know its time to say Goodbye to your old family and welcome in the new combined family.

The two of you become one united unit. We, who sit in the background, as we have let life pass us by done to no one’s fault but our own, are left with a feeling of wistful envy. And yet, a peaceful happiness.

She has no family
She lost it one day due to her own actions
No matter what she did or said
She could not get them back
She finally accepted that they would not be a family

Through all the anger and tears she had hope
Through all the fishes, she had hope
Through all the sniping, snide comments, she had hope;
Until she finally lost all hope.

It is not there anymore.

So she slowly rebuilt her life, piece by piece, brick by brick, person by person;
She’s happily married with a family all her own
But, if you listen late at night, you can still hear her crying.

In conversation with Melinda and Shae:

If you called yourself her friend Melinda, I think that you lied to her and everybody. You talked about her all the time in a negative manner. Shae says that we should all look at our behavior in a light that fits what we do. So in that honor here we go: the psychologist says that you meaning you have a problem with your husband’s former relationship. By that we mean his sexual relationship. You married him after dating him all throughout college and school. But then you found out he cheated on you with get this your best friend from around the corner. How sad for you. But you didn’t let that stop you from fighting for your man. And fight you did.

But then you turned around Shae and did the very same thing to someone else. If that ain’t the most hypocritical thing in the world to do. Now, we have known each other most of our lives and I am going to tell you like it is and like a woman in love with her man: you never and I mean never do someone wrong like that after spouting off all of this cliché shit that you care and that you want to help and that you would be so upset and not do that to anyone else because coming from you girlfriend it is a lie. Now I would not do that to my man either way because once we are together it’s for keeps and not for you or anyone else to but in. Got that?

So hey Shae, although I am sorry that you lost your man, I really ain’t because I think that you deserved it for real.

Rattner is—
Jealously is for you because you are not doing you
They are doing you
Can’t go to the diner
You died of embarrassment
Ms. Turk your luck done died
They sit in awe of your misfortune
No she’s gay they say
What does marriage have to do with anything
Denial or truth
You can’t decide for her
As she sniffs she asks, “can I come home now?”

You lost all respect due to your own inability to take the time out and talk.
You thought that what I did was disrespectful because you weren’t talked to.
Well it goes both ways. You don’t talk to me face to face except for once and all you said was what? No explanation or anything. Something like that should be explained but you thought nothing of it at all. I don’t understand you at all. But since you made the mistake of thinking that what you thought and what you did was the right thing for all those concerned then I have one thing to say to you-here is the name of my attorney: Ms. James. You want her number (973) 275-5534/ You want her email address: gjames@gmail.com. You want her cell number: (973) 509-5455. If you need anything else, call up the courthouse. That’s your respect; the respect that you did not give me once the whole time.

Silky, curly hair; surrounding the face of a pixie
Tall, slender body encased in mellow clothing
Very relaxed but watchful
The reason for his alertness, walks right beside him.

Under 4 feet tall, same curly, silky hair.
Dressed identical.
Same smile exactly.
Who would have thought?
You’d be a great parent, after all.

P.S. Don’t say we told you so.

When we meet in the front of the room, full of people; hear my words to you and them:

Today, I stand before you half a man;
Today, I stand before you half conscious;
Today know that when I leave you I should leave you a whole man.

For the last 5 to 10 years you have heard my cries, seen my anger, felt my pain; You understand what we all went through. You see the lovely woman beside me here: I hate her on sight. You know why? She was a sniveling, simpering baby. That’s right. A huge baby. Cried at the drop of a hat. And man, could she talk. About nothing. It got so bad. I hid from her. You think she took the hint? Not exactly. So now, years later, we stand before you, in front of the judge waiting, for our wedding to end with the words…

…You are now husband and wife…

So before we get to that, no emergency, no calls, no testimonials, no stops of the wedding…None? Good.

Ok, your honor, its her turn now.


Well I can’t top that. But my thoughts are different.
I am indeed all that he says I am. I am a huge baby. But you know why he puts up with me?
Because, simply put, I am in love with that man right here beside me.
You know the poem, Roses are Red, Violets are Blue; here’s my version:

‘Roses may be red’
‘Violets may be blue’
‘While all of that is true’
‘Here’s one true blue’…

Through thick and thin, highs and lows, you have been there for me. Know that I am here for you, Always.

Okay, judge, your turn….

I am writing this article to share with you my journey into motherhood. In three months time, I am going for artificial insemination. I have done some research. I have asked some questions but some things you can never really know until you go. The doctor I have chosen was referred to me by my gynecologist. His name is Dr. Marks. I am so excited that it is going to happen. I am going to become a mother.

I used to think about becoming a mother but I would do it when I was married. Now, I am 30 years old and I would like to have a child. So, I am going to do it on my own. I looked up the doctor’s credentials but what can curriculum vitae really tell you about a doctor. The interesting thing was that there were no disciplinary actions. That can be good or bad. I am glad on the one hand and on the other hand I wonder if no one has ever bought a complaint forward. But from what I have heard and it has only been good things, then I don’t believe that he has any bad occurrences.

I have talked with my family about it. My mother believes that artificial insemination is not good because people will lie about their traits and how they look and personal things about them. She brings up a good point. How can you really know what you are getting? My mother always has good points. Although they are not always listened to at the time but they are good points none the less. The current discussion or the most recent discussion was that she still believes that I shouldn’t do it right away. That I should wait until I am at a better place in my life. She feels that to go ahead and do it now might be detrimental to me and to the baby. I should have more of a life than I do now.

As an aside, I read the Useless-Knowledge .com articles and the most recent one was a conversation that ran like “there are two people in a boat. Pete and Re-Pete. If Pete jumps out who’s left? Re-Pete.” In the beginning it was okay but once I realized that he was repeating himself, I kind of thought that what he was saying is that Liberals and Conservatives go around in circles like two skunks going at it in a cage. I think it was interesting. Albeit annoying once I realized what he was doing. But he did it to make a point. It wasn’t working. You were going around in circles and it didn’t matter what you did because it would be the same end result. Kind of like my reality at times. The same end result. This is when I need my family particularly my mother the most. I just want to have that feeling of security. I don’t get it with anything but you know things. I don’t like that. I want them to care. I want them to yell, get angry or just be there. Not quiet and downtrodden and sad. I am sad enough for everybody. I miss my parents when I am at work. When I wasn’t working, I got so used to going to their house and spending time with my father and my brother that I miss that. Then I would stay when my mother came home and then came spend time with my sister. By then she would be tired and maybe cranky but she somehow would make time to take care of me when I wasn’t doing it myself. And then I started working and here I am at a job that I hate.

The Pete and Re-Pete cycle happens at my job. I have to tell you it is the most annoying thing. They repeat things they don’t need to. You don’t waste time that way. But they do it anyway. Actually, it is one specific person who does it which is ten times more annoying because it is the one person doing it and you can’t tell me the person doesn’t know what it is doing. And it is the most annoying thing in the world. But then that is why it is done. I have taken a new leaf out though-live and let live. You want to do it, go ahead and I will do what I need to so I can get out of dodge. And that will be next year.

Back to motherhood. I am so psyched to be a mom. I am looking forward to nine months without my period, stretch marks, sore breasts, breast feeding, midnight feedings, big belly, and of course the little miracle I will receive at the end. I have it marked down to the final day of my wait period and then I can schedule my first appointment. I am so wanting to be there. Of course, I have decided on the way to work where I currently work at once I am pregnant. I might even be at school which will be stress but much less stress. But I really want to have a child. I believe that I will be a good mother to my child and children like me a lot of times.

I would want my child to have a father figure. I hope to have some male friends who wouldn’t mind that job. I think all kids should have someone who represents a mother figure and a father figure. Hopefully next year, I will be on my way to realizing that dream of motherhood.

I have been discouraged by various people. But I won’t let that stop me because this is something that I want very much. And next year, it is my year, I will have a great start to my baby making process.

Next time: Continuation.

He thought that had the right to make that choice for them. He thought he had that right to do what he wanted if it was written so. He thought he had that right to take what he wanted and damn to hell the consequences. He thought he had that right to be king of all he surveyed.

He thought he had that right to loudly proclaim that he was right and they were wrong. He thought he had that right to loudly proclaim that he was real and that he was not. He thought he had that right to loudly proclaim that he had this under his belt and he had not. He thought he had that right to be king of all he surveyed.

He would be upset should people say he was wrong and not kowtow to him. He thought he had that right to voyeuristically look and get off his jollies while still proclaiming to be so forgiving and so understanding. He thought he had that right to be king of all he surveyed.

He thought that his right made might when in fact it was their might that made right. It wasn’t that they were actually right but that they had the power. They were king of all they surveyed and he was just a peon that they used systematically. He was not king of all he surveyed.

There is no moral to this story. There is no moral to this poem. It is just thoughts on paper. If you choose to read anything into it so be it. But remember, you only get out what you put in and for that I am not responsible. So read if you dare.

I want to talk to Mommy. Do you know where she is? Do you know what she is doing? She is supposed to be there. But she isn’t. Did you take her away? Did you hurt her? Did you do bad things to her? I am tired.

Please give our Mother back. You took her. You kept her away. You did this to us. It is wrong. How could you do this to our family? Our family has done nothing to you. WE have not had anything to do with you. Yet you broke us up. Why?

If you felt the need to take, why not take someone else’s; why take ours? Did you think that it was something we would be like, it’s okay?

My Mother has not been sick a day in her life as far as we know. And if she was, she never let us know that she was sick. My Mother took care of us even if she was feeling like shit. My Mother was the champion of us all and the one who bore the bad news. She took the lumps with the jumps. And you stole it all from us.

You, who took with no compunction. You who took with no thought to feelings. Why did you take my Mommy away?

First you take her. Then you hurt her. Then you hurt us. After you were done, you repeated it over and over and over again. You didn’t care. You just wanted to hurt us. I don’t understand. What did our family ever do to you? We have nothing to do with you.

When I go to the graveyard, I scream, I kick and I cry. Where is Mommy? Why isn’t she here? What did you do to her? Why did you take her? I scream; I want my Mommy. Give me back my Mommy.

You don’t understand what it is like. You don’t understand what it means. Maybe you do. I am only six years old. My Mommy is supposed to be here with me. Yet, you took her away. Why? Please, God, give me back my Mommy. We really need Mommy. Daddy cries a lot but he doesn’t let people see. My brother and sister keep it inside. They don’t let anybody see anything. So, please God, give me back my Mommy.

Apology: August 28, 2008
Dear Ms. Barnes:
I am writing this letter to apologize for my rudeness earlier. You will have to excuse my behavior although I do not think that there is any apology big enough to explain to you what I said. I stand by it however that is not why I am apologizing. I am apologizing for the way I treated you. I do believe that you two need to have a conversation with your family about what is going on. I do believe that you and your family need to be cognizant of what happened.

I am getting married in the future. WE haven’t set a date yet. But I wanted you to know that this very conversation that I am telling you to have is one that you should be having with your family. WE had not choice due to circumstances. You won’t either.

I hope you don’t find this an imposition because it is not meant to be.


Hey lady- you want to know a secret? Why they can’t stand you or me? I have to tell you this one truth-

Come closer now- they hate you because you start it over every time. Each time all the time.

They hate me because all I try and do is end it so that I have something left for me.

So what does that leave?

Not me.

Just you.

And I hope you have a nice long life in prison lady.

I was once asked this question: Would you like to sleep with me?

So- let’s think about this. Someone asks you this. Are they cute? Would you do them? Or would just hang out and sleep?

So if you were to think of this question on its face? I would like to sleep yes; with you? I don’t know. Do you snore? Do you toss and turn? Are you a sweater? Are you a whistler? Do you sleep in the nude?

Okay- so my answers- I don’t snore (that I know of). I do toss and turn (frequently when stressed). I sweat (off and on). I don’t know about being a whistler though. Not many of those. The last one I refuse to answer.

So if I come over and spend the night do you mind watching a chick flick? Or are you the type that doesn’t watch anything but action movies? I have a girlfriend and that is all she watched. It can be annoying. By the by-you should know that if it’s a normal night for me, I won’t move a muscle once I am sleep. But if its not you might be awake all night. Sorry.

So in answer to you question which I am sure you are re-thinking in your wisdom of asking me because I am so not who you want to spend the night with- ask me again?

I was once asked this question- Would you like to sleep with me?

The answer is yes.

Night Night!

As you look into the depths of her eyes
You see beyond forever
In her you have found home, a peace, a stillness, a warmth
To her you say all the right and wrong things
To her you always say I love you
But do you mean it?

In me I see all that is lacking
All I have done wrong
All of my mistakes

In you I see a person who has grown beyond their time
A person who has seen and felt the worst life can throw and survive and thrived
In you we see the promise of tomorrow
A repeat of the past
A replica of everything
With an eye towards the new

In the two of you I see a love and a life that most of us dream about
Words can’t describe it, pictures can’t show it
But the two of you are like Heaven.
A bright light, with golden gates, pale blue sky and family welcoming you inside
They hold you, kiss you and say-It’s not your time yet. When it is, you will
Know its time to say Goodbye to your old family and welcome in the new, combined family.

The two of you become one united unit. We, who sit in the background, as we have let life pass us by don’t due to no one’s fault but our own are left with a feeling of wistful envy. And yet, a peaceful happiness.

We are in writing mode today. We have something on our minds and we want to talk about it. But when we write you take exception to everything as like the song says you think it is about you well it isn’t. If it was, then you would know. We aren’t angry at you and we don’t dislike you either. All we want is what you offered everyone else respect and understanding a little help now and then but do you offer it we don’t think that you do.

We respect the law. We respect the judge. We may not respect the attorney though. But that is because they are supposed to represent their client to the best of their ability. Have you ever heard an attorney curse out a client? I have and it was another attorney at that. I don’t know if that is because he was angry or just thought that he was stupid. We don’t know that. We just thought about it.

There is a man whom we don’t like. WE smile in his face and say we like him because if we don’t he makes our lives a living hell. And he claims to be helping. We don’t think so, he knows that we really don’t like him and we don’t want to be around him. IN fact we don’t want to work with him and truthfully, we don’t understand his problem with the understanding of that fact. This man who they claim tried so hard to be so helpful tried to say you don’t understand.

Understand what? Let me see. That…you …didn’t…get…it. You…were…supposed…to do…something…that…you…didn’t…do.

How much plainer can you get than that?

Not much plainer.

If you were not supposed to do something-then I guess you weren’t really helping who you said you were; were you?

Darrell and Daryl are husband and wife. They met through his brother. She is bisexual. And she didn’t tell a soul. Why not? You aren’t fooling anybody. Why didn’t you know that? WE don’t care about your sexuality. It isn’t any of our business get the point? What we care about is that you are in the business that isn’t any of yours. If you want to understand then understand what we are saying to you: we aren’t like you. WE don’t think like you. We don’t want to be you either. We hope that you are happy in your married life. We hope that you live a long life. We hope that you like your brand new house and car. What we would like from you is: a little understanding that if you have sex we don’t want to know about it for real. You say you are not trying to hurt us but by telling us who we should be and how we should be but you are hurting us. Do you understand? We don’t care that you are bisexual. We don’t care for real. It is who you are. We accept you for that so stop trying to make it understood. You might make us all a little happier.

If you are bisexual we don’t want to tell you that you shouldn’t be. We don’t care about that. In actuality, what we want from you about your life other than the normal conversation is just that normal conversation. Please don’t bring attention to yourself; or us for that matter. We appreciate that.

I don’t want you he says. He calls her a man because he thinks she didn’t get the fact that he doesn’t like her. No she got that fact. He didn’t get she wasn’t after him. He kept repeating the same old story. You want me you know that you do. If you didn’t then I wouldn’t be here would I. Well, if you are still here and she doesn’t want you who didn’t understand what? Let me see. He goes, she is so desperate. God, do you see? And you know what she thought of that man: He was not her type and trust me, he knew that full and well.

Why bare all your dirty laundry? In other words don’t gossip, put on airs or pretend that you are better than anyone else. Because honey, you ain’t for real. If you think that you are better because you typed in some words on a computer that can be spit out from hypnosis you aren’t thinking with a clear head either. What’s that mean? You aren’t for real. You aren’t their life or their hope or their future. You are their death. You are their end. You are the end. You are death personified.

What does that mean to that lady who thinks she is the shit? Not a hell of a lot. Why? Because she thinks that she deserves something that isn’t hers for right or by might. By hook, crook or other means, she will take what isn’t hers and she will try and say it is hers because what? She is the one who will have a life. But that isn’t the truth either. Her life can be taken away. Just as easily. It can be destroyed entirely not by who she thinks of either. What does that mean? You didn’t watch your back. What did they say a long time ago? Watch your back.

These words…when I close my eyes every second I’m awake I live another life these dreams that sleep when its cold outside every second I’m awake the further I’m away….

Your dirty laundry is what keeps everyone up and you don’t like the noise either; too bad that you don’t like the noise. If you weren’t where you weren’t supposed to be then you wouldn’t be disturbed unless your problem is that you are not supposed to be here. You are supposed to be somewhere else. Like where, oh I don’t know. Somewhere.

Watch your back they said. Why she or he can’t do anything I’ve got it covered. Sure you do. We know that. But in the end it doesn’t matter because we all died a thousand times over.


My dream is simple: to find a man who loves me. I have no desire for anything else. I have no desire for fame or fortune. I just want comfortability. I just want safety and strength. I just want faith and support. I just want excitement and anger. I just want passion and plague. I just want to find that man that can give me all.

To say that I am an ignorant woman is not to say a complete lie. But to say that I am a unique woman is the entire truth. I am not like those you sit beside and talk on the phone with; nor am I like you. I dear lady am a woman whereas you are a lady. The difference being in not demeanor but in desire and show. You desire to have respect and sex while I desire to own desire, sex and respect. See the difference. My show is not for you dear lady to be in my shoes but for me to own my shoes and you to wipe my feet. And once you wipe my feet, for you to ….well you understand.

My desire is simple: to find me a woman who loves me. I have a desire for money, for success, for nice living quarters and a fast car. But my desire is tempered by my girl with whom I have been with for the last five years. And make no mistake about it, you all negroes ain’t getting within ten feet of my girl without a gun pointed at your privates. No you don’t have to worry that I will let you have sex with my girl cuz the only dick she sucks is mine. And don’t you worry the only dick she fucks is mine. So if you thought that your lazy asses was for my girl- slow your roll. She ain’t for you.

You see I have been at the same job that I have hated for the last ten years and with my girl for the last five of those years. She finally agreed to marry me which is why you negroes ain’t for her. We aren’t expecting a baby. We want to wait until after we jump the broom. Old fashioned she is. We are going to have the traditional ceremony and jump the broom afterwards. And during the reception we decided to try something different: instead of the dances we decided to do a tribute to those who got married before us. And then we had dinner and then the party. It will be nice. You’ll see. Come on brothers, you know some of you is invited. The ones I Know that is. The rest well you read about it. I own a fortune 500 company. What? You think a negro ain’t got no money? Shaw. Get over yourselves.

Roll out sisters and brothers time to bring the country home.

Do you love me I got asked? Then I got asked would you have sex with me? Then I got asked will you marry me? And not just for a day but for the rest of my life? Meet me here at this address. And I will be waiting there for you. And then I got told, I’m tired of waiting. So you understand this is not a not going to happen thing. You and I are getting married. So you just need to make sure you are okay.

My eyes are red rimmed my nose is slightly red and my cheeks are rougey. For a black chick that’s pretty hard to do. Hehehe. Well, I’m sick as you know. Got a cough I can’t shake. But I got me a nice warm bed to go to. And the bed is lonely. By myself but its comfy and its mine. Not someone else’s. A little easier for me to go to sleep you know.

My fantasy is that I will end up where I want to be. My fantasy is that I will give up my aloneness to become whole with someone else. A chubby cheeked happy laughing individual that may have a miniature. Cuz I can’t have kids. So they got to have some. Or we adopt. Do you think that fantasy will happen? Nah. But we can dream right?

Here is my dream for my future wedding. I have two. The first is we elope, and then come back to plan a wedding/reception for the rest to see. So we are living together as man and wife or husband and wife; and growing more secure and settled. The second is we pick a date; arrange the wedding and have a small reception and then go home or a reception by invitation. You can all come to the wedding. Cake in reception hall for you.
Course this is a dream people.

See what you will
See what is true
See all there is
See nothing at all

See our mistakes
See our hopes
See our dreams
See our desires

Deny what was done
Deny what occurred
See a building fall
See one million dead

See a plane crash into a building
107 stories high

See people fall out
Falling from the sky

Imagine a plane full of people
Burning up in flames
Smell the scent of seared flesh
Smell the scent of gasoline

Imagine if you will
Two men in suits
One tall, one short
One light, one dark
Imagine them walking with
Briefcases in hand, towards
The building

See a flash of light
blindingly white
Smell the scent of fear
Smell the scent of anger

Imagine if you will another
Plane crashing into a building
Heating up the interior
See people falling to their deaths
Leaving nothing but skin pasted to
The sidewalk

Imagine one building falling
Like leggo blocks imploding
With the weight of buckled beams
See the frightened faces of
People fleeing the scene

Imagine one building looking from
Various offices
See what once was is no more
Imagine what occurred moments before;

8:00 a.m. boarding flight
8:30 am-flight attendant safety talk
8:45 am- take off
9:00 am- flight route change
9:20 am-Impact

Can you imagine what went through their minds
Last minute phone calls to loved ones
Remember the aftermath-the tears, the
Recriminations and the tributes

What about the missing?
Remember Vietnam-10,000 day war
Still so many missing
Some MIA, other KIA.

Fall of Saigon-America has lost the war.
Troops are pulling out.
Many are fleeing Saigon
Helios are pulling troops to safety
Many are left behind

Remember Korea-the Forgotten War
Just as many fought, just as many died
Remember the March on City Hall in New York:
Justice for Diallo “No Justice No Peace”
He is still awaiting his justice.

Remember the lies: Tawana Brawley…
What about the forgotten slaves in Mississippi
Not just blacks but Mexicans, Cubans.
Haitians, even Caucasians
No one’s fought for them.

What about the prisons?
Population booming
The new craze-Prisoner’s rights
Who fights for them?

See what is there

See what is truth

See what is real


I want to Thank God for allowing me to finish this. This is a project over a couple of years. Then I took a look at what I had written and decided that I had enough here to write a short novel of poetry. So I hope you read it- if you get angry that is good. – if you get happy or sad that is good as well. I hope that you pass it on to your friends as well and they enjoy it too.

About the Author: Yasmine Jameson also writes mystery novels. So be on the lookout for her mystery novel due out soon. Yasmine Jameson is writing under a pseudonym.

Connect with Me Online:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Madam_Mystery
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My blog: http://www.yasminejameson.wordpress.com

If you wish to contact me via email you may send it to teritru@live.com.


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