Book Tour and Book Review of Shes Got Her Own by Kem Smith

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Book Review of Shes Got Her Own by Kem Smith
Author: Kem Smith
Date of Publication:
Buy Link:
Rating: 5 Stars
Book Blurb: “I am finally telling you the truth. “ He stood and ran his hand along his shaved head. He walked around in circles ducking the low hanging tree.”What is the truth?” “I never loved you. Not the way I love Sheila.” The bomb was dropped. Everything made sense. “ p 171
Review by Nicole
First off to summarize this is a novel about a family going through life and how it affects their children and themselves. It also discusses the problems that mothers and fathers face with their sons being educated as young black men in school. So much so that she actually pulls her son out of public school to home school him after the principal and teaches meeting which shows her how much her son has kept from her and his father. It goes on to say that she learns about herself and her marriage while homeschooling her three children. She learns her husband is an adulterer and has been for years through Michael, her high school sweetheart. He wanted to be with her but also knew that as long as she was married that she wouldn’t ever look at him. But that wasn’t the reason he spied on Brian. He just wanted her to know what type of man she was married too. She learns that her high school sweetheart and she were meant to be together despite the many years difference. And she learns that she raised a good son. But her twins-those girls-have a long way to go. Maybe the next book may be about them.
I absolutely loved this book. It is a five star read. It is easy, moves along and lets you visualize what you are reading about. You understand the subject and can relate whether you are black or not; but being black helps a little. It is very relatable. For instance, when she goes to the school meeting and she uses the nicknames for the teacher that the students use- not sure if my mother actually ever did that but you never know. Another instance is when she talks with her friend and finally feels her friends boyfriend is stepping up to the plate and finally showing that he has staying power and is ready to commit. Like when she sees her high school sweetheart and realizes that she still is in love with him not the “pretty boy” she married. We all know the type- light skin, light eyes nice body- “pretty boys” Anyway, Michael is the dark skinned brother who was the drinking, smoking weed type but still a true friend for her. He is the one who shows her what her husband Brian was really up to because he cared about her. And in the end, they get engaged to be married.
There is a relation to church in the novel. Most black people have church as an integral part of their growing up life. We are raised in the church. The things we are taught come from the church. The connections we make come from the church. As we get older, our inclination is to send our children, even if we don’t go, to church. And there is nothing wrong with that. You have wrapped up in one building: teacher, friend, brothers, sisters, confidants, dates and advisors. They will follow you through life and hold you up when you need it. You can see this in the novel with Sharay as she goes through handling the confirmation that he husband is an adulterer.
I really liked this book. I hope that you as you read it will like it too. I recommend it highly. The buy link is above.
There are READING GUIDE QUESTIONS in the back of the novel. I think it’s a good book for a book club to use in their reading list. And I think they will enjoy it.
Disclosure: Pursuant to law I am disclosing that I am not getting paid to do this book review but I do work as a book reviewer for the publisher. The web address is You may see my biography there on the Meet the Crew page and read the book review on there as well as Twitter, Face book and Amazon.


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