Interview with Kem Smith

Kem Smith Interview Questions
Hello and I hope that you are well. (I am well and thank you for asking )
1. Please state your name, age and educational background.
My name is Kem Smith. I am 41 years old. I have a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction. My undergraduate degree is in Business Administration.
2. Please state your spouses information for same if you have it.
My husband is Orlando Smith. He is Union Sprinkler Fitter and the head honcho at home.
3. Do you have any children? If so please state their names, and ages.
We have 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Jasmine is 24, Trevon 22, Breonna 20, Jaylin 16, Joy 5.
4. Your journey to fitness. Can you explain or describe that to us. I notice in your webpage for your studio it says that you struggled with weight loss.
Body image has always been a thorn in my side. I grew up with ‘baby making hips’ and a plump behind. My mother wanted to be sure I never got fat because she was struggling with obesity. Every diet she went on I went on too. I was able to keep my weight in check while my mother grew horizontally. She died at at 42 because of complications due to obesity. It was hard for me to deal with the loss of my best friend. However, when she died she told me she didn’t want her death to be in vain. While mourning her loss, I lost my sexy. I gained weight and struggled in my career. In my recovery, I realized that I could help women who struggled with obesity. I became a Zumba Instructor three months after having my youngest daughter and lost 65 pounds. Since then, I gotten several fitness certifications and I help women get their SEXY back.
5. What about becoming a fit or healthier individual stuck in your mind as the one thing that you want people to take from your story?
Unhappiness and weight gain go hand in hand. As a person goes on a journey to find their purpose and physical fitness has to follow. We only get one body we must do a better job at taking care of it.
6. Your first book, Sexy by the Weekend: 7 Keys to Living a Practical and Extraordinary Life-how did it feel to get it published? Were there any bumps along the way to publication?
The sense of accomplishment when it comes to publishing your first book is overwhelming. I had invested in a program called Write a Book in a Weekend and the book came from that experience. I did, however, feel as if something was missing. So, early I re-released the book as a workbook with a new cover. Now, I am much happier with the design and the format. I am working on a dvd series that coordinates with the book.
7. Any excerpts from that story that you would like to share with the readers of She’s Got Her Own?
The very first Chapter is titled Rearrange your life to become your top priorty. Here’s an excerpt:
Key 1 to living a sexier life is all about reprogramming your thinking from “that’s impossible to do,” to “how I can get it done?”
Sistas who lose themselves in the everydayness of life lose sight of what it takes to become top priority, and then they often allow the fear of being labeled selfish paralyze them, rendering then unable to take even the smallest vacation from life’s responsibilities.
Often, what happens with women is, in an attempt to be exciting, they have too much on their plates, and their lives tip out of balance. Ideally, life’s priority should be a triangle with self-care at the top and work/volunteer work and family at the base. When work, family, and self-care are unbalanced, the results are obvious.
Success is more about what you say “no” to than what you say “yes” to. When you invest your time and energy into yourself, and then work and family obligations have to be prioritized based upon the big picture. Reprogram yourself to set boundaries on your access to your time and energy.

New Novel
1. Your new novel She’s Got Her Own: can you give us a little bit of background as to how you came up with this story and the characters?

I have a heart for married women. There are so many untold stories that everyday married women grapple with. It seems that so many of our men are taking their cues from the world and not from the word. I’ve listened to my friends on the phone. I’ve witnessed women around me in abusive relationships. So, I can relate to the struggle of a married woman who is trying to align her love for God and her love for her husband. The main character, Sharay is a manifestation of women who I’ve known over the years and Michael and Brian are men who need to identify not only who they are but also who they are in God. These two men are a manifestation of what God can do when you start to follow Him instead of worldly desires

2. What about this story sticks out in your mind?
There are several controversial topics:
1.Home Schooling
2.Young marriage
3. Good biblical counseling
4. Infidelity
5. Christians and gambling
6. Church leadership and promotions
7. Married couples attending separate worships
8. Respect and communication in marriage

3. The genre of your novel is Women’s Fiction for adult readers. What about this novel will make women around the country read it?
Both men and women should read my book because there is a golden nugget that everyone who reads it can identify with and learn from. The topics covered in the book are so relevant to the times we live in today and even in society, the way it exists now, God still hears and answers prayers.
4. What if anything comes to mind that may have caused you writers block in this story?
I originally wrote the story from the 3rd person point of view. I didn’t want anyone to think I was Sharay. The editors recommended that I change the story to first person point of view and the change stalled me for a while.
5. Now that the book is coming out and published is there anything you would change in your story?
I wouldn’t change the story because I argued with myself over and over during the editing and revision process and I am content with results. I have peace.
6. I am reading your story and I will review it but I did have questions for you on the book. To forward later.
When you have answered the questions please send back to me as soon as possible.
Thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions and I am looking forward to reviewing your novel.




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