Book Review: Vanished The Search for Sally Hunt

vanished  book cover
Title: Vanished: The Search for Sally Hunt
Author: Jan Joseph
Published: 2014
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
Buy Link:
Review Rating: 5 bookmarks

Book summary:
Sally Hunt was a young girl when she received her gift. Along with her friend Carmella Nuncio and Jeanie Farmer, she kept it a secret; only using it to help a young man who was hurt. Years later, that same man, Mr. Krasney, whom’s life she helped save after hitting him wanted her help for his son, Lenard needs her help. He is dying of incurable cancer. He seeks out her friend Jeanie to get help and information. Mr. Krasney then kidnaps Ms. Hunt.
The case is investigated by Detectives Jane Peters and Ollie Hudson since her disappearance during Christmas season. Through Sally Hunt’s husband Matt Anderson, they found out about a secret marriage. But no one would have suspected Jeanie Farmer for being a black mailer. It came out that Jeanie helped Mr. Krasney in finding her friend Sally but did not suspect he would kidnap her. But help for actually finding Sally Hunt’s whereabouts took an unexpected turn when Carmella helped detectives to find her, Sally and help save a boy’s life. They found Sally passed out in a house described by Carmella. She was taken to safety and recovered.
Her friend Jeanie was brought to Chicago and charged with abetting in a conspiracy to commit a kidnapping. Sally who was an author of mysteries started writing again. Also, Frederick Krasney; also known as Prof. Kranoff; was alive with his son in Lourdes, France. We may see more of him.
Book review:
My impression of this novel was that it was well written. The chapters were short but within that shortness contained a lot of information. The story progressed naturally and the clues followed both in context and content. The information and the reason she was kidnapped was because of what she did to help him, Mr. Krasney, years ago. But he also hurt her; something that she had originally done to him.
As a writer I like this for many reasons. Her chapters are short like mine. Her story develops from a 24 year old to a 49 year old woman. Her gift not one asked for but it helps her in her career of writing.
Why should you read this book? It has a good blueprint for an excellent story. In the beginning it sets you up with first acquiring her gift as 24 year old. Flash forward to her as a 49 year old Sally is already kidnapped. But her family is not sure what to do. Throughout the investigation you learn of a life lived in shadow and open. Her personal life kept hidden, you can see this though her marriage. No one knew she lived with her husband. Her saving of the antagonist who kidnapped her is also a life lived in open and shadow. He kidnaps because of her activities unbeknownst to the general public except for those she helped. Her career as an author is well known but not related. I think this novel shows you how things hidden can cause problems and I believe that you the reader will enjoy it.

I received this book for free in exchange for writing this book review. I am not being compensated for this review.


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