A Book Review of Murder for Justice by Dominique L Watson-Book Tour

Hello ladies and gents. Sorry for the late posting of this review and the lateness due to the tour. This was due on October 30, 2015 so I hope you excuse it.

murder for justice 2The Book Review of Murder for Justice
Author Dominique L Watson
Publisher: Diamond M Press Publications
Publish Date: 2015
Buy Link: http://goo.gl/XSmnNk

Book Rating: 5 bookmarks

Book Blurb: “I don’t care! They should never have hurt anyone! And that poor little girl. Her mother and father were useless! How could they let her drown like that? No, they had to go. And today my mother is going to join them. She never saved me!”

Review by Nicole Harmon

I loved this novel. The story line was great and easy to follow. The clues were all lined up. I have to admit she had me going when I thought I had the murderer and then had to rethink it with the character of John being brought into the mix. But I think that his character actually helps them solve the crime. It pays to be nosy in this novel.
Quick summary: Scarlett Frye is a detective who happens to come across a murder of a prominent gentlemen in his house. His family including his wife becomes a suspect due to their situation. Quickly it spirals out of control over who did what as she the wife dies. What do you think happens next? I will not spoil it for you. Suffice it to say- I wholeheartedly say you should buy this book.

I did not receive payment for writing this review only a copy of the novel to review.


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