Hooray my book will be back from the editor with edits soon. I got some reviews on it that were different from ones I had but shall see editors work. I don’t want to change anything but I know an editor may do that. Re-word it; re-write this. Fix your punctuation. Make sure the poem reads well and is a good poetic experience. So in approximately one week and two days I should have it back. What I am looking for is some assistance with the book swag. I will choose two persons who will send a free book and book swag for participating in this contest. I need help choosing a bookmark. Here are the two choices:

bookmark front side for self exploration 5-10-16

bookmark back side self exploration 5-10-16

Here is the second choice:
bookmark for self exploration

I will give you from now until July 2, 2016 and will announce the winner by the end of the month. The book won’t be available for sale until August. So the two persons I choose from this contest won’t receive their book until after August. If that changes I will post.

Here are the rules:
In order to participate you must post a comment and do the following: like this post; pick the number of the bookmark you like 1 or 2 and then leave an email where you can be contacted back about winning the contest. Remember everyone participates in choosing the bookmark but only two people can receive a free book.

Thanks for participating I totally appreciate it!


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